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ESports Team Continues Great Season!

ESports League
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Match Results
FlexTech ESports vs. Sandusky High School - Won 2-0 (Match One 7-5, Match Two 7-1)
FlexTech ESports vs. Madison Academy High School - Won 2-0 (Match One 7-0, Match Two 7-0)
FlexTech ESports vs. LHS ESports Team 2 - Lost 0-2 (Match One 7-8, Match Two 7-8)
FlexTech ESports vs. BMHS Team 2 - Tied 1-1 (Match One 5-7, Match Two 7-2)
What is ESports?
The ESports Team part in a nationally run High School ESports League and competes against schools from around the country on a weekly basis.

You might be wondering "Why E-Sports? Isn't that just video games at school?" The High School E-Sports League provides three main reasons for students to participate in this program:

Esports encourages communication and coordination among student-athletes. By playing games, students are able to deepen their levels of interaction and communicate more effectively, readying them for later life.

The HSEL offers scholarships to help students pay for college. Nowadays, colleges offer esports programs for students, which creates a new viable path to college for those who may never have considered obtaining a higher education.

Esports is a booming industry. Many job opportunities besides being a pro player are being created. Esports teaches participants many relevant skills, such as streaming, production, programming, and management.